Case Study: Leavenworth Cider House

We like to say that we are more than ‘just pretzels’, and this case study is a testament to what a real #pretzelpartnership looks like! Our friends at Leavenworth Ciderhouse were wanting to create a brand new menu that would catch the eyes of their customers, and help them stand out against their competitors. We worked alongside their team and helped them with menu development, content curation, and marketing support.

Nestled between the Cascade Mountains in central Washington State, Leavenworth is a picturesque town that draws visitors with its Bavarian-styled village. What better way to have a standout menu than to include our authentic 16oz soft pretzels!

The folks at Leavenworth Ciderhouse have been known for their diverse selection of ciders and highly knowledgeable staff that loves to interact with their guests. They strive to provide a unique, fun, and special experience for everyone who steps into their restaurant. With this in mind, we got to work on creating a custom pretzel menu that would offer multiple options to their guests, showing the true diversity of the pretzel.

From sweet and savoury, to stuffed and rich, each pretzel comes with a unique cider pairing, making it truly a one-of-a-kind experience for this boutique restaurant. Our team worked with Leavenworth to create a truly original menu with a total of 9 pretzel options, along with a brand new menu developed by our in-house design team.


It wouldn’t be a successful case study without some hard-hitting stats, and we are happy to report that the first week of Leavenworth Cider’s pretzel menu launch went off without a hitch! 

This story shows not only how versatile pretzels can be, but also how a little determination and focus on your menu offerings can attract customers even during the worst of times. We launched this menu with heavy COVID-19 restrictions in place, but that didn’t stop them from being successful! Their team knew that to entice loyal customers to dine safely, they would have to create something new to bring them back. And the best part about pretzels? They are perfect for take-away options, making them perfect in times like these!

Want to be a standout in the industry? Want to elevate your menu offerings? Want support from a dedicated Sales and Marketing team? Prop&Peller’s got your back! We pride ourselves in fostering amazing pretzel partnerships, and we want YOU to be our next case study.


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