If this pandemic has taught us anything, it has shown businesses all over the world the importance of being innovative. From small boutique stores needing to get online quickly, to restaurant owners trying to figure out how to stay afloat.


Let’s be honest. We are living in some twisted times!


One thing is for sure, businesses have been tossing the word ‘innovative’ around for years, but now is the time to truly embrace it and go all in. It presents a really interesting time for small business owners, and large corporations, as they are both facing the exact same dilemma. Something that in the past was unheard of. 

Whether you are a small local pub or a large restaurant chain, the need to adapt, change, and stay relevant is key to surviving this new era within the foodservice industry, and we are here to share our top 5 #twistedtips on how you can stand out.


Remember, quality is key!

It seems simple and obvious, however, when the demands within the industry are rapidly changing, it can be difficult to continue providing the quality experience that your customers are looking for. More and more people are opting for take-out, which means the focus is now truly just on your product. Interior design, mood lighting to make your food pop can’t save you now, because that cardboard box may just be your customer’s plate at home!

But let’s give customers some credit. People love supporting local businesses and understand that their take-out meal isn’t going to compare to it being freshly prepared and plated in house, but if the product you are serving is high-quality, and tested for these two types of dining scenarios, your customers will be able to enjoy your food wherever they are eating.


Provide something unique and unconventional.

So now that we know that every business is facing the same challenges, you have to find a way to make yourself stand out against the rest! How? Well, new menu items are a great way to start. 

Being that we are in the foodservice industry ourselves, we know how important custom menu items are to restaurants. You may have the best burger in town, but so does the other guy or gal down the street. So what’s going to make you different from the rest? We love seeing how our partners play around with our Pretzel Bites and make them unique to their restaurant! Having an unconventional menu item like this is fun for your guests, and makes for great marketing opportunities.


It’s all about supply and demand.

Quality is key, and unique menu offerings are important to stay relevant, but how do you ensure your products are profitable without spending an arm and a leg? Not every restaurant is equipped with a full-stack kitchen or has a chef-of-all-trades to prepare every single dish. It’s just simply impossible. This is where fresh, frozen products come in handy.

The word ‘frozen’ gets a bad rap, mostly due to being next to meals that can be made in 3 minutes from all artificial products. But guess what? You CAN find quality frozen products. We know, it’s shocking! All Prop&Peller products are baked with real ingredients, by hand, and flash frozen to be shipped directly to you. We understand the demands of the foodservice industry and that things need to be done quickly and efficiently, but we have taken it a step further and have dedicated our business to only using quality, nutritious ingredients, which give your dish that freshly baked experience.


Less waste, easy to make!

There is nothing worse than spending all your time and money on your menu to have the majority of it wasted. What if customers don’t like it? What about all those ingredients you purchased that are taking up space in the freezer? 

Like we mentioned in tip #3, frozen products are the way to go to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Not only is there less waste in terms of materials being used, but pre-made products are a low-risk cost investment, and are quick and easy to prepare. 


Make it memorable.

With all the competition out there and the rise of new social media apps, it is so important to know how to market your products correctly. But you’re in luck! Not only do people love eating food, but they love to share it even more. 

Instagram is filled with #foodie photos all over the world, and quite honestly, these people are the ones that influence new food trends. You may have been crafting the perfect menu offering for months, but if you don’t market it properly to the correct audience, all that hard work may never get seen (or tasted)! 

Let’s use our 10oz pretzel as an example. This pretzel is MASSIVE and needs its own stand to hold it up straight. But that simple stand is what makes our product memorable. People know they are about to have a delicious Prop&Peller pretzel the second they see it emerge from the kitchen. Even with take-out being on the rise, our pretzels have been used as charcuterie boards; just another way to be innovative in a crowded market! 

Over the years one of the biggest food trends has continued to cruise through the industry; bigger is always better! Consumers love to indulge in food that is out of the ordinary and completely different from what they can buy at the grocery store. A pretzel that is larger than your face? Well, that instantly calls for a #selfie.


At the end of the day, as much as there is uncertainty for many foodservice businesses in 2021, there is a lot to look forward to. The food industry is always moving, always changing, and constantly adapting to meet the standards consumers are expecting. Working with a dedicated foodservice partner means we are there with you every step of the way. We don’t just ship you your products and call it a day. We want to collaborate with you, provide you a product that suits your brand, and use all these 5 tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your relationship with us.