When you hear the word Pretzel, what comes to mind? Is it the crunchy delightful snack you can find in almost any party mix? How about the soft on the inside, slightly crunchy on the outside deliciousness you can find at any beer garden? Or maybe your mind instantly goes to Stanley Hudson, living every day like its #pretzelday. Whatever you think of, there is some deep-rooted history that has twisted the Pretzel into what it is known for today – being awesome of course!

Just like many history stories, this food journey started in a well-known Religious practice called Lent. Back in the 7th century, the Catholic Church had much more strict rules regarding Lent than we know of today. However, because people still needed to eat, the Church suggested the Pretzel be an ideal food of choice when practicing abstinence. With only 3 key ingredients, water, flour, and salt, the Pretzel quickly became the perfect snack while meat, dairy and eggs were off the table.

These Pretzels were baked to create a soft and warm texture, similar to the yummy and squishy Pretzels we know and love today. It is said that the Pretzel was originally called “bracellae” which is Latin for “little arms”. However, the Germans soon changed that name and began calling it the “bretzel” which is still used to this day.

You may think our little journey of the Pretzel stops there, but you would be mistaken! Though the Pretzel took lots of twists and turns (no pun intended) during its time through history, what it is most famous for is the symbolism of love. Legend has it that Royal couples in Switzerland would have the Pretzel as a part of their Wedding ceremony, which is where the term “tying the knot” comes into play. With that beautiful sentiment in mind, the love for the Pretzel became even more abundant in Germany, where children wore necklaces in the 17th century during New Year’s to symbolize good luck!


Jump to 2020 and Pretzels are a staple food in pubs, bars, restaurants, and of course is served with a pint of Bier at Oktoberfest! It’s popularity truly has nothing to do with its history but continues to develop and become better than ever with the rise of the foodie culture.


At Prop&Peller we are proud to still be “born and bread” in Bavaria. Our traditional recipe has not changed since the beginning, and we are happy to keep it that way! We don’t just make Pretzels for the sake of baking a salty snack we know people already enjoy, we want to change the Pretzel game and bring you quality soft Pretzels, baked rich in tradition. We love to celebrate the Pretzel history because it is so important for us to appreciate the tiny details that make this delicious snack so loveable. Prost!